April 15th, 2013 at 2:38 pm
The Missing Knuckle

The gate door on the Bennington Pontoon boat is pretty unique as it doesn’t latch in place, but it held in position in a channel and when you want to enter the boat, you pull up on the door and raise it about an inch to clear the channel, then it can swing in to allow access.  This is accomplished by eliminating some of the knuckles on one of the leaves so there is extra space for the hinge to move up and down along the pin.  All the missing knuckles need to be in the same position, but any number of  them can be eliminated, and the bigger the space, the more the door can be raised.  You of course do need to keep in mind that the more you eliminate, the less strong the connection between the doors will become.    Happy Sailing!  Or is it Pontooning….

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April 9th, 2013 at 1:06 pm
Looking For Some Spring Action?

Whether you’re looking for a hinge that’s spring loaded to close, where the leaves are forced together by the spring legs,

Or a spring hinge that’s spring loaded to open, where the leaves are forced away from each other by the spring legs,

Guden is the right place to look.  We have the widest assortment of stock spring hinges around, available in many different lengths, widths, thicknesses and strengths. Pick from our steel, stainless, and plated steel versions, available with holes and without. And keep in mind, the loading terms “open” or “closed” refer just to the direction that the spring legs are pushing the leaves and not necessarily how the hinge will act when it’s mounted.  Depending on what side of the door or lid you’re mounting the hinge leaf will determine the direction that it moves because of the spring tension.  And don’t forget, we can custom make almost any type or size spring hinge you might require as well, just ask your Guden Customer Service Representative for a quotation.


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April 1st, 2013 at 12:40 pm
Lower Stainless Steel Prices At Guden

It’s really true! Really! As of April 1st, some of our stainless continuous items have been reduced based on the metal markets and we’re passing on the savings from the metal manufacturers. When all the prices of things seem to be going up, it’s certainly a treat now to get costs going in the down direction.   It may not be every item, but there are many that have a lower price as of today and onward, at least until the metal markets go back on an upswing.  But in that case, we’ll always hold the costs low as long as we can.  And that, my hardware friends, is no joke!

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March 26th, 2013 at 1:04 am
Guden’s Hinge Terminology 101 – Barrel Diameter

Two dimensions on a hinge that are sometimes mistaken for each other are the Barrel Diameter and the Pin diameter.  There is a relationship between the two as the barrel diameter is the sum of the pin diameter plus twice the material thickness, but it is important when specifying a hinge not to confuse one for the other.  The B dimension above is the pin diameter, and you can see from an end view how the A dimension would be the pin diameter plus two material thicknesses to be the approximate overall barrel diameter.  It is approximate because hinges do have some space between the metals so they can easily rotate around each other without binding.

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March 15th, 2013 at 12:45 pm
A little of the Green for this special weekend!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  I’d like to think that just about everyone, whether they’re Irish or not, or  religious or not, takes notice of this holiday.  As with most holidays, it has gotten more and more commercial over the years and I’m certainly not condoning that fact, I’m just stating it.  It would be wonderful if all the holidays were celebrated for what they were meant for when they were created.  Above my green hinge for the day, tilted to the side as some St. Paddy’s Day revelers may well be this weekend…..  The pulling to the left, the curving of the pin and the unraveling of the knuckles are all most likely due to the over stress situation caused by the weight of the door.  It is very important to select the proper size hinge so this doesn’t occur in your application.  The weight, as well as the overall size of the door are both important to factor in, especially where the center of gravity be in relation to the hinge.  Our broad selection of hinges is sure to help with your selection.  If you can’t find it in our stock, we are happy to have it custom made for you too.  Have a great weekend!

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March 6th, 2013 at 1:06 pm
Guden: Hardware Made Easy

Why go to two vendors for your gas springs and mounting hardware? At Guden you can get both.  Our wide range of ball studs and ball type brackets fit quickly and easily into our ball socket end fittings. And with a choice of plastic and metal end fittings to fit your application.  Our “K” style plastic ball socket end as shown above has a push down cap to insure that the ball is captured for an easy and secure connection.  It’s almost just as easy to release by applying a little pressure to pull the cap back up to release the ball mount.  Easy to buy, Easy to use.  At Guden, Industrial Hardware Made Easy.

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February 25th, 2013 at 11:36 pm
Yes, It’s Still Cold Outside

One of the sure signs of cold weather is that slight drifting down of the hatchback on your older model cars.  The colder the temperature, the gas inside the two gas springs holding the hatchback up and off your head becomes less compressed due to the molecules slowing down.  the colder the temperature, the less the gas spring will work to hold things open.  At Guden, we do recommend applications expecting to see temperatures below 32F be looked at carefully to insure that the gas spring selected has sufficient gas pressure to counter the lower temperatures, yet not be too strong when the temperature rises.  A tricky thing to do, and sometimes people will just live with the weaker springs in the winter time.

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February 19th, 2013 at 3:12 pm
Spring Latch Hinges

Our versatile spring latch hinges are the perfect item to use when you require an easy engage and disengage of your latch. At rest, the pin is extended and with 5 different latch sizes and pin diameter choices, one is sure to fit your application.

Pulling back on the pin handle compresses the coil spring and retracts the pin allowing the panel or door it’s mounted on to disengage.

When the pin is released, it automatically springs back to the original extended position without the need for manually reengaging it or resetting it into position.    Used singly, or in pairs for a more secure latching application, we can provide them in both a LH and a RH version.  The LH version is shown in these pictures.

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February 14th, 2013 at 3:30 pm
It’s All About the Bend

When calling out a type of bend on a leaf, it’s usually called out as an angle.  90 degree bend,  30 degree bend,  or something like that.  But the true nature of the bend is more of a radius than a bend.  In a perfect world, the bend would be completely squared off, but the metal really doesn’t work exactly like that and stretches a bit and gets rounded off if you look at it really closely as in the picture above.  When you draw a circle around the bend, a radius line can be drawn and be used to describe the bend a little more accurately than calling out the angle in degrees.  Engineers tend to use both methods, so neither is incorrect.

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February 7th, 2013 at 7:25 pm
As always, thanks for your support….

Our Guden supports can accomplish a great many things when it comes to helping hold something in position, or aiding in the dropping or downward motion of a door or lid.  Please meet our 7775 series support.  Normally this type of support allows for just a smooth travel but in this case, the hooked end lets you stop and prop the door or lid open by letting the travel pin rest in the hook.    With just a bit of pressure on the bottom of the support, you can unhook the pin from the end, and then lower  the door or lid back to it’s original position.  Currently we have these in a LH and RH version and in stock in a nickel plating.  But depending on the quantity required, we can provide other finishes as a custom order.

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