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Since 1920, Guden has been a leader in supplying quality hardware products to industry. Our product line is a total solution for your enclosure, cabinet, box or case need. From Hinges to Handles, Gas Springs to Casters, Dampers, Latches, Catches, Supports and other associated hardware are all in stock to attain our goal of being your one-stop hardware source.

Guden News Blog

Total Eclipse of the Hinge

Guden Eclipse
OK, maybe that was just slightly a bit cheesy for a title, but then again, likening that amazing total eclipse of the moon last night to a Guden hinge might just be considered cheesy anyways. But here goes!

So walking out of a convenience store today, I was just in awe that I happened to see just a slight reminder of last nights lunar eclipse in a cut out on a hinge leaf.  I just thought that was so coincidental as you often don't see a cut out like this so out in the open, or at least maybe not more often than once every few dozen years.  It was almost as out in the open as the moon was in an almost cloudless sky.  But oddly enough I couldn't locate any other cut outs on the leaf, which left me wondering, "Why put this half moon shape here at all?"  Well eclipses may have been a mystery to ancient peoples, and this half moon shape certainly was one of the mysteries of my day.  But let us help take the mystery out of your custom hinges.  For information, hints, knowledge and other custom secrets and happenings, you can check out our sister site and if it's another half moon you're looking for, you can see our section on perforations and cutouts

New Stainless Steel Additions to the Guden Lid Support LIne

Guden Stainless Supports
We've expanded our Guden lid support line to include stainless steel versions of our popular 7752 and 7753 products. Every bit as strong and sturdy as our nickel plated line, our new versions add that extra corrosion resistance that's required in outdoor, marine, medical and food service applications. They're sure to meet your stainless steel support needs.

For more information: Guden Stainless Lid Supports

On this eve of the 9/11/01 anniversary, We Remember.

For most of us, we will never forget the morning when 19 terrorist hijackers took control of 4 aircraft with the sole intent of killing innocent Americans.  I'm so proud to be able to see the new One World Trade Center shining brightly downtown and if you have the opportunity,  go visit the memorial they've erected on the original Trade Center Towers site. I think it's a wonderful tribute to the people that were lost that day.   Nothing can ever replace them but we can hold the memory of them close and make sure it will never ever happen again.  We will never forget. 

On my last visit to the grounds this summer, I was proud to see that Guden had helped make a little of the memorial possible with a few of our gas springs that I spied on several of the kiosk trucks near the reflection pools.

No Labor on Labor Day

Well at least for most Americans anyway.  In observance of Labor Day, the H A Guden company will be closed on Monday, September 7th and will reopen on Tuesday, September 8th. For product information, drawings, explanations or to send an order and also get stock pricing, please see our website, or our custom hinge site to find everything you ever wanted to know and more about custom hinges. 

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country"

For a Faster Way to Price Quotes and Orders Try the New Guden Search Tool

The Guden search tool is a great way to quickly find the item you want and get a quick price quote. And now it also finds many other types of part numbers.

  • NEW - Find our custom part numbers too! All of our Z-xxxxx and xxxxxx-xxxx part numbers are indexed
  • NEW - Your internal part number. Yes, that's right, your part number. If you've given us your number in the past for a quote or an order, chances are it's in our system. Now there's no need to go searching your files for our number. The new search tool will lead you right to the Guden part number.
  • NEW - Common hardware catalog part numbers. We've been around for decades and have cross-indexed many catalog number systems.
  • NEW - MS- or A-A- hinge and hardware part numbers are all indexed to Guden part numbers.
  • NEW - National Stock Numbers, or NSNs. Guden has a huge number of NSNs loaded into our system to provide a quick cross match to Guden part numbers.
  • NEW - Use the form right on the search page to get extra help from our Customer Service reps. Just click Submit to have us find the part and get right back to you.

Just look for the box on the bottom of the left sidebar and give it a try!

At Guden, we make buying hardware, and now searching for hardware, easy!

Is it a Swage, or is it an Offset?

Guden swage and offset
With so much political correctness being bantered back and forth, it really does seem like it's all about words and terminology these days. And hinges are no different.  Certainly there are plenty of people who will use lots of different terms for what they mean or want to see in their custom hinges, but there are a few accepted terms that most in the hinge community will recognize and understand.

Swage and Offset are two of those terms that sometimes are used interchangeably but do have distinct different meanings.

Swage or the act of swaging is commonly understood as the operation of moving the leaf of a hinge in the direction of the pin.  There are even several swage types that can be called out so that the leaf location is already predetermined.  An Offset is slightly different, and usually understood as moving the leaf away from the pin.

But of course as with any rule, there is never any absolute because there are still some that say Offsets are Swages and vice versa.  It is best to show an end view of your hinge so it's absolutely clear what is meant by any term.

For any questions you might have for hinge terminology, please see our hinge glossary and also our custom hinge site.  Or just give us a call at 1-800-3HINGES (344-6437).

Get a Little Lift with Guden Gas Springs

Guden black rod gas springs
Or even a big lift!

Guden gas springs are available in a huge range of stock sizes, from 7.50" to 36.00" extended, and in pressures from 15 to 250 pounds.  We can also provide custom sizes and pressures to fit your needs.  Our selection of gas springs includes both the popular black nitride and chrome plated rods, plus several different end fitting choices.  Here we see a few of the black nitride gas springs at work.  It's easy to see how the an all black version of rod, tube and end fitting can quickly and easily blend in for minimum distraction in your application.

Check out the entire line on the Guden website

A Simple Way to Attach a Guden Caster

Guden stem caster
This was a great example of using a stem mount caster and not requiring too much other additional hardware.  Most often when you use a stem caster, you need to have a threaded insert built into your cabinet, enclosure or machinery to accept the stem, but in this case, it was simply inserted through a hole in the metal and fastened in place with a nut.

Guden carries a wide assortment of E R Wagner casters and can supply just about any part number they carry, many from stock or with a very short lead time.  Check out the entire line of Guden casters here.

Connect With Guden 24/7

Guden customer service
Unless of course you're out in the middle of nowhere, with no signal, no laptop, no land line and at that point, probably no hope.

Guden proudly offers highly trained and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives, all eager to take your call, handle your email, or process your faxes, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm EST or EDT. All with the Guden smile and friendliness we've come to be known for.

For all the other times, you can visit us online at to get product information, drawings, do quotes, and even place orders. You can also visit our sister site for a wealth of information on custom hinge.  We've loaded the site full of explanations, drawings, videos, models and just about everything you'd ever want to know about creating a one-of-a-kind hinge.  But of course it is, we're the hinge experts after all!

Now THAT'S a Multi-Use Hinge!

So as you're walking around any normal construction or building renovation site, you'll often see these small temporary structures put up for offices or supply storage, or maybe even just to cordon off electrical systems. And in this case, I just started poking around as any good Hinge Whisperer I know would do.  That's when I saw the distinct knuckle feature that I've come to know and love, and which tells me that I've found a continuous hinge.  The hinge was being used to connect the walls together.   As I ran to check out a few of the other buildings, my suspicions were confirmed as to why they used the hinges instead of something more solid. It was easy to see that the buildings were in odd spaces, and with the hinges allowing the walls to be positioned in any angle, not just a standard square room with 90 degree angles, the structures could be of the maximized size and shape to fit anywhere.  Some of the structures were even made of just 3 walls in a triangle shape, and one made as a 5 walled office.  A very ingenious use of a continuous hinge for sure.

You can check out the entire line of Guden continuous hinges here, and who knows, you may just come up with your own fantastic use too!

So Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Guden Stainless Steel Hinges
Everyone knows that stainless steel is more expensive than plain steel.  But when should you really decide to go the extra cost and do stainless?  It really does depend on many factors, but most often I ask someone to really think about the application and how much outdoor exposure, rain, water, or chemicals it might be around. And of course how much abuse it might take.

Many people will decide to paint or plate steel to make it a little more rust resistant because it is a bit cheaper, but take for instance the hinge in this picture.  It's an outdoor gate that's subject to rain, wind, snow and humidity. It's also not far from the ocean, so it gets that salty mist as well.  Probably not the best decision to go with painted steel.  In this case, stainless steel would be a better choice, and the painting can just do a little more protection on the metal.

Rust may be the new and upcoming color for this Fall, but it definitely isn't in fashion for hinge!

To Stake, or Not to Stake? That is the Question

Guden staked pin
For pin retention, staking can sometimes be the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to make sure it's done securely.

Visually, the process usually isn't that apparent on a thinner material thickness, but you can really see what happens with the material displacement on a thicker hinge material, or if the staking is done too deep. When done correctly, the staking process pierces into the material, but certainly not almost through it.   It basically pushes into the knuckle to push the material flush to the pin.  In this pic, you can really see the bulge of material on the side of the knuckle due to the staking.  It really is a good way of retaining the pin as long as you don't mind the seeing the  pierce marks on the barrel.

Check out more information on staking, and several other pin retention options on the Guden custom site here:  Pin Retention

Happy Birthday America!

In observance of the Fourth of July holiday, Guden will be closed today, Friday July 3rd, reopening on July 6th.  Have a safe and happy Fourth!

Our main website,, and our sister custom hinge site are open 24/7 for information, drawings and explanations of our hinge and hardware products. 

Meet the Guden Hardware - Heavy Duty Latch Hinges

Guden Heavy Duty Latch Hinges
The Guden latch hinge line up has a few heavy hitters for even the toughest double header application.  Available in two large sizes; the 2" version is in .125" thick material, and the 3" version is in .187" thick material.  Each is spring loaded so that after you retract the pin it returns to the full extended position.  Available from stock in zinc plated steel, and also in stainless steel for corrosion resistant applications.  Supplied with mounting holes, they're also available with a hold back feature, so you can twist the pin and keep it retracted until you want to have it spring load back to position.  Check out the entire array of spring loaded latch hinges, and of course the heavy duty varieties too. 

Extra Special Hinges

Guden Custom Hinges
At Guden, we just get unhinged about custom hinges!  In addition to the broad array of hinges we carry in stock, we can also supply those same hinges with any number of custom operations done to them such as cutting to length, bends, holes or slots.  Guden also supplies hinges made right to your specifications too.  So challenge us with your most odd and special design.  We love custom hinges!  We love them so much we created a website dedicated to all things related to one-of-a-kind hinges. Drawings, definitions, explanations and lots of helpful design tips can all be found on the site.   And we even have a Guden Hinge Guru to help answer all your questions. Check it out today  Guden Custom Hinges

Hinges are All Around You

Guden specialty hinge
As any good Guden Hinge Whisperer knows, a hinge sighting can be just about anytime and any place. Doors, covers, lids, and anything moving or opening tends to have a hinge on it so sightings are often plentiful.

Let me set the scene for you.  So I'm getting ready to deplane and while I'm patiently waiting for people to clear the aisle I of course spy something shiny.  Immediately I go on high hinge alert!  But wait,  is it?  is it?  I look closer to get confirmation,  and sure enough,  it's a hinge. So what's so exciting?  Well the most surprising thing about this sighting is that it's on a woman's shoe.  I immediately have to get a closer look and disguise looking for under seat carry-on bag so I can get a better view, but she's starting to move away so I grab her leg.  Gently of course.  I take a moment to introduce myself as an elite hinge enthusiast and request a picture.  She seems flattered at first, then with a quizzical look says, OK.  I quickly explain I just want to take a picture of her shoe.  LOL   Well to make a long story short, here's my sighting of the day!

So keep your eyes out Hinge Whisperers.  Specialty Hinges are all around you!

And What's Your Favorite Knuckle Size?

Guden hinge knuckle sizes
With the all the various knuckle sizes that are available, I just tend to like the .25" size the best.  Sure,  some people like the .50" or 1".  and maybe even the 2". But by far, my favorite is the .25". It's just so cute and for most light duty applications, it just lets you cut to so many more lengths and leave a full knuckle, which by far makes a nicer looking end of your continuous hinge.

Sure,  you could also go to less popular .625" or .75" size knuckles to achieve some of the odder less than even inch lengths, but for me, it's just the nice clean little package of a .25" knuckle that really catches my eye.

You can check out the array of knuckle sizes, and all the appropriate continuous hinge sizes they are available with, all on the best darn hinge site ever! Guden continuous hinges

Rolling Through A Short Week

Guden Casters
I'm not sure who thought of the idea of working a 5 day week, but I'm more partial to changing to a 4 day one.  They do seem to go by quickly though. Almost as quickly as anything on Guden casters.  Hmmm, maybe that wasn't as seamless of a transition as I thought it would roll out to be.  Or was it. 

Guden has partnered with E R Wagner casters to bring you their entire line of products.  We stock quite a few of the more popular sizes, and can supply any of their part numbers either from our shelves or on a short custom run.  All the wheel diameters and widths you could ever want, in several materials, sizes, and mounting varieties. 

Check out more of what Guden has to offer in casters.

Cam-Stays join the Guden product line!

Guden Cam-Stay
In addition to our great gas spring and lid support lines, we proudly announce the introduction of our latest product, the Cam-Stay!

This item not only lifts and holds up to 250 pounds, our new Cam-Stay allows it to hold in several different positions. In fact, 5 positions for the smaller version and 10 on the larger one.  All you need to do to release it from the hold position is to open the Cam-Stay to the full extended position and holding mechanism disengages to allow for closure.  The larger version is also available in a reversible style, where it allows for closure between the stop positions instead of needing to open it fully.  Just raise the lid to between the positions and then lower and close the unit.

You can get more information about cam-stays, and cam-stay dimensions and online quotes. Check out the video for a full explanation of the Cam-Stay capabilities!

Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?

Still remember this old commercial? I chuckle every time I hear someone say it and they don't know where the saying comes from.

Well, it's certainly no American secret that one of the best places to get hinge and hardware is H A Guden. We may not be ancient, but as far as hardware companies go, we indeed may be one of the great grandfathers. For almost a century now, we've supplied various components to almost every market in the country and worldwide. We strive to offer you the highest quality and best prices around to insure that each and every time you buy from Guden, your application is a success.

You're already here, so check out our stock product line. I'm sure somewhere in your future is a Guden hardware purchase.  

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