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Hinges, Gas Springs, Dampers, Casters, Latches, Catches, Handles,
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Since 1920, Guden has been a leader in supplying quality hardware products to industry. Our product line is a total solution for your enclosure, cabinet, box or case need. From Hinges to Handles, Gas Springs to Casters, Dampers, Latches, Catches, Supports and other associated hardware are all in stock to attain our goal of being your one-stop hardware source.

Guden News Blog

Extra Special Hinges

Guden Custom Hinges
At Guden, we just get unhinged about custom hinges!  In addition to the broad array of hinges we carry in stock, we can also supply those same hinges with any number of custom operations done to them such as cutting to length, bends, holes or slots.  Guden also supplies hinges made right to your specifications too.  So challenge us with your most odd and special design.  We love custom hinges!  We love them so much we created a website dedicated to all things related to one-of-a-kind hinges. Drawings, definitions, explanations and lots of helpful design tips can all be found on the site.   And we even have a Guden Hinge Guru to help answer all your questions. Check it out today  Guden Custom Hinges

Hinges are All Around You

Guden specialty hinge
As any good Guden Hinge Whisperer knows, a hinge sighting can be just about anytime and any place. Doors, covers, lids, and anything moving or opening tends to have a hinge on it so sightings are often plentiful.

Let me set the scene for you.  So I'm getting ready to deplane and while I'm patiently waiting for people to clear the aisle I of course spy something shiny.  Immediately I go on high hinge alert!  But wait,  is it?  is it?  I look closer to get confirmation,  and sure enough,  it's a hinge. So what's so exciting?  Well the most surprising thing about this sighting is that it's on a woman's shoe.  I immediately have to get a closer look and disguise looking for under seat carry-on bag so I can get a better view, but she's starting to move away so I grab her leg.  Gently of course.  I take a moment to introduce myself as an elite hinge enthusiast and request a picture.  She seems flattered at first, then with a quizzical look says, OK.  I quickly explain I just want to take a picture of her shoe.  LOL   Well to make a long story short, here's my sighting of the day!

So keep your eyes out Hinge Whisperers.  Specialty Hinges are all around you!

And What's Your Favorite Knuckle Size?

Guden hinge knuckle sizes
With the all the various knuckle sizes that are available, I just tend to like the .25" size the best.  Sure,  some people like the .50" or 1".  and maybe even the 2". But by far, my favorite is the .25". It's just so cute and for most light duty applications, it just lets you cut to so many more lengths and leave a full knuckle, which by far makes a nicer looking end of your continuous hinge.

Sure,  you could also go to less popular .625" or .75" size knuckles to achieve some of the odder less than even inch lengths, but for me, it's just the nice clean little package of a .25" knuckle that really catches my eye.

You can check out the array of knuckle sizes, and all the appropriate continuous hinge sizes they are available with, all on the best darn hinge site ever! Guden continuous hinges

Rolling Through A Short Week

Guden Casters
I'm not sure who thought of the idea of working a 5 day week, but I'm more partial to changing to a 4 day one.  They do seem to go by quickly though. Almost as quickly as anything on Guden casters.  Hmmm, maybe that wasn't as seamless of a transition as I thought it would roll out to be.  Or was it. 

Guden has partnered with E R Wagner casters to bring you their entire line of products.  We stock quite a few of the more popular sizes, and can supply any of their part numbers either from our shelves or on a short custom run.  All the wheel diameters and widths you could ever want, in several materials, sizes, and mounting varieties. 

Check out more of what Guden has to offer in casters.

Cam-Stays join the Guden product line!

Guden Cam-Stay
In addition to our great gas spring and lid support lines, we proudly announce the introduction of our latest product, the Cam-Stay!

This item not only lifts and holds up to 250 pounds, our new Cam-Stay allows it to hold in several different positions. In fact, 5 positions for the smaller version and 10 on the larger one.  All you need to do to release it from the hold position is to open the Cam-Stay to the full extended position and holding mechanism disengages to allow for closure.  The larger version is also available in a reversible style, where it allows for closure between the stop positions instead of needing to open it fully.  Just raise the lid to between the positions and then lower and close the unit.

You can get more information about cam-stays, and cam-stay dimensions and online quotes. Check out the video for a full explanation of the Cam-Stay capabilities!

Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?

Still remember this old commercial? I chuckle every time I hear someone say it and they don't know where the saying comes from.

Well, it's certainly no American secret that one of the best places to get hinge and hardware is H A Guden. We may not be ancient, but as far as hardware companies go, we indeed may be one of the great grandfathers. For almost a century now, we've supplied various components to almost every market in the country and worldwide. We strive to offer you the highest quality and best prices around to insure that each and every time you buy from Guden, your application is a success.

You're already here, so check out our stock product line. I'm sure somewhere in your future is a Guden hardware purchase.  

What's Yours Like?

Guden custom hinge perforations
Just like people, Guden custom hinges come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties.  It's not quite the situation where every hinge is different, but it's close!

Specialty hinges can be made with a myriad of different custom operations. Bends, slots, holes, radius corners, pin retention, the list goes on and on. Some operations can be repeated several times on a hinge as well. So the possibilities are endless. And just when our Guden hinge experts think they've seen it all, something new comes up on a quote request.

So think you have something to stump us?  Send it on in and give our custom hinge team a try. We've also created a hinge site just for custom hinges. is stocked with all the information you'll ever need to create and design your own one-of-a-kind hinge design.

Guden Gas Springs Get Great Grades

Whew, now that's a whole lot of G's. But certainly Guden gas springs earn all A's.

Supplied with a multi-lobe seal, our standard GGS line gas springs leak less than the competition which translates into longer life.  And a longer life is what every application wants to boast.

Made right here in America, you won't have to wait weeks and weeks for product. Especially with our broad stock selection. Dozens of off-the-shelf choices in a multitude of extended lengths, stroke lengths and pressures. Quality control is always at the top of our list as well and we can certainly back that up due to our ultra-low rejected parts figure!  It's a very uncommon occasion when a product doesn't live up to our high quality requirements. But if that rare time does occur, don't worry, you'll have your new parts quickly and easily due to our no-hassle return and replacement policy.   

Check out our entire gas spring line.  In addition to our standard gas springs, we also carry stainless steel versions, black nitride rod versions, locking, adjustable, and friction stop gas springs, and a full line of dampers. You'll be glad you did.  

April Showers bring May Hinges?

Guden strap hinge
Seems like a rainy NY day in April would be an unlikely time to look at a convertible, but for this Hinge Whisperer, any time would be good as long as it features a hinge sighting!

As I peeked around this beautiful antique car, I did what any fine Hinge Whisperer would do and sure enough, I spied them.  On the back of this 50's car were two outside mount strap style hinges!  Highly polished and gleaming in the lights, they were certainly hard to miss.  And for sure, a sight, at least on late model cars, that's reserved for the inside of automobile doors, trunks and hoods.

So rain or shine, keep searching around for interesting hinge sightings and send them on in to

You may see one of yours here soon!

Heavy Duty Spring Latch Hinges

Guden Spring Latch Hinges - Heavy Duty
It's easy to find small light duty spring latch hinges, but for larger weight and heavy duty applications, you need the extra strength of thicker material and pins.

In addition to the popular 5 standard light and medium duty spring latch hinge line, Guden also carries two larger models.

The 9296 series is supplied in a .125 thickness with a .375 diameter pin, and our 9297 series is supplied even heavier at .187 thickness with a .50 diameter pin.  Both are available in stainless steel and a zinc plated steel.

And for situations that require the pin to be held back in the retracted position, Guden also carries the parts with a hold back feature pin as noted in the picture.

Check out the entire Guden spring latch line.

Last Minute Tax Return Blues?

Guden custom hinge form
April 15th Tax Day is slowly looming, and with just 5 days to go, here's hoping that you're not still putting off getting your information together to file. But if you are, don't worry, you still have a few days......

And for sure, don't let short deadlines get you down when it comes to custom hinge quoting!  Guden has a streamlined process that can cut that time down to just a few short days, and in many cases, even shorter.

Using the handy 1040 EZ-Hinge form on our custom hinge site, you can quickly upload your drawing or sketch, indicate the base hinge you want to start with, and itemize all the custom operations and deductions you want and e-file it directly to a Guden hinge expert for analysis.

It's that quick and easy!   

Mission Hingepossible II

Think that hinge design is an impossibility?  Well search no further and sign on with the best Mission Hingepossible team around. At Guden, our agents crave the most difficult hinge tasks and strive to make them possible.

With our access to both traditional tooling and laser capabilities, we can supply you with just about any shape or form your extreme application can require. Take note here of this sliver of a hinge leaf that's needed for attachment. Now that's certainly a task requiring a top notch hinge intelligence agent. Most average hinge suppliers would be going undercover to get away from this assignment, but with Guden, it's a done deal.

Send us your toughest job and we'll aim to deliver it. Check out our sister site, to arm yourself for your next Mission Hingepossible!

Some Views Are Better Than Others

Guden hinge swage
Many hinges are hidden inside or underneath things, so you can't really get the full enjoyment of seeing the full hinge.  And for sure, anytime you can take a peek down the barrel of the hinge it's definitely a treat, especially if there are any exciting swages or offsets done to the leaves.

Take this particular hinge for example.  It looks like it has some kind of swage done to it.  Possibly one leaf half swaged, but you can only be totally sure if you were to measure to see if the leaf was pushed to halfway the distance of the pin diameter.

Guden can do all the standard swages, and also do other offsets to the leaves quickly and easily!

Check out all the different leaf altering operations here:

Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Green Hinges

Green Weld-On
You know what the famous frog says,  It's not easy being green.

But what better day to showcase a green hinge than on March 17th.

Guden steel weld-on hinges are the perfect metal to wear a bit of green paint, though the stainless and aluminum versions have been known to put on a bit of color as well for extra corrosion resistance.  And due to their solid construction, there's no need to worry about paint clearance like with rolled hinges.

Slip on a lucky pair of weld-on's any day of the year.

Enjoy your lucky green day!

No Need To Be Superstitious About Guden Quality!

Guden Quality
Not even today on a Friday the 13th!

For almost 100 years, Guden has been known for supplying high quality hardware, and to further that claim we follow and certify our processes to all the applicable ISO 9000 standards.

It's that compliance that assures you're getting the product to the specifications you require.  

Still Waiting for Spring?

Guden spring hinges
Ok, one more snowstorm, and hopefully the last gasps of Winter.  Yup, that's right,  it's still not spring!

Tired of waiting for Spring?  Well at least most of us are for sure. But at least there's not a long wait for Spring Hinges!  In fact, most will ship right from stock, and considering that Guden carries the largest selection of spring-loaded hinges anywhere, well that's definitely a record snowfall of parts.

See all the available spring hinge sizes here:, and they're good for use now, and any other time of the year too.  

Guden's Robotics Team Wins Regional

Winning alliance teams, 263 in center
Our local FRC Robotics team, Sachem Aftershock 263 has won the Florida Regional at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. This win secures Aftershock's place at the St. Louis National Championships in April.

This fight was very close, coming right down to the wire.  Sachem and alliance partners Ninjineers Team 2383 and Voltage Team 386 worked together scoring until the very last second to secure the win.

America needs more engineers!

Military Hinges and a Whole Lot More

Guden Military Hinges
Considering we have the largest inventory of hinges around, it should be no surprise that Guden also carries the most Military Specification Hinge too.

For applications such as this rescue helicopter chassis, we have all the popular MS20001 and MS20257 series aerospace hinges as well as the MS20253 pins that go along with them.  We also stock MS35800 series hinges and the newer A-A-55590 series hinges in all the popular materials, and even some of the not so popular ones too.  Stock lengths, or a size that meets your application, we can supply it all.

Check out all the sizes here under Military Hinges, and for more information on MS handles and other associated hardware.

What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger....

Guden stiffening ribs
We've all heard this saying, but really in some cases I'm not so sure I get it.  With the constant snowstorms and cold we've been getting in the Northeast,  is it really making us stronger?  Hmmm.  Or when you see that baby in the airport eat an M & M she found under the seat, does that make her stronger?

Just a Thursday musing from this Guden Hinge Whisperer while I look out at the snow falling and wait to see if my flight home is on time. And again, after weeks of delays and cancellations I'm not sure I'm any stronger.

But what I am sure of is how adding a few stiffening ribs to the bend on a hinge leaf can make the hinge stronger.  It allows for a smaller more compact hinge to carry just a bit more weight without making it be over stressed and warping or bending.  It's an easy customization that can be added to almost any type of hinge bend. And THAT for sure does make something stronger.

The Cold Hard Truth

Guden continuous hinge materials
Have you ever wondered whether stainless steel is stronger than steel?

I think it's a common misconception that people have about stainless steel, but in reality due to it's carbon content, often commercial stainless steel is not able to be hardened as strong as steel.  It's properties are more for corrosion resistance than for overall strength.

And experts tend to agree, that if you are able to use steel, it's the stronger choice.  That's why at Guden, we carry a full line of both steel and stainless steel hinges to meet all your application needs. And for lighter weight corrosion resistance, we also carry aluminum, and aluminum with stainless steel pins too.  If none of those materials matches what you need, you can check out our selection of 316 stainless steel, electro-galvanized, pre-finished, brass, polished stainless steel hinges and much much more.  We definitely have it all.
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