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Since 1920, Guden has been a leader in supplying quality hardware products to industry. Our product line is a total solution for your enclosure, cabinet, box or case need. From Hinges to Handles, Gas Springs to Casters, Dampers, Latches, Catches, Supports and other associated hardware are all in stock to attain our goal of being your one-stop hardware source.

Guden News Blog

Hinges, Hardware and..... Casters?

E R Wagner Guden Casters
Yes!  Guden not only carries all the hinges, hardware and gas springs you've always known us for, but we also offer Casters too!  We've partnered with E R Wagner to bring you their entire product line of casters and wheels.  Many popular sizes are available right off our shelves, and because many of them are American Made, non-stock or special items ship with a lead time you can live with.  Check out the entire caster line today.

What's Strong, Supportive and Multi-Positioning?

Guden Cam-Stay
No, it's not someone running for public office.... Of course it's the Guden Cam-Stay!  Two sizes, and two varieties give it a versatility in so many different lid and shelving type applications.  Each size has several positioning cut outs to allow for holding the support in different positions so your lid can be open at just the angle you want.  We even have two varieties for the closing feature: one you lift to fully open to release the part for closing, and with the other, you just have to lift the lid a few degrees to release the Cam-Stay, then you can close it.  You can see all the particulars on the unique Guden Cam-Stay, and also see a video on it's operation. 

Guden Plain Steel Continuous Hinges

Guden plain steel continuous hinges
One of the most cost efficient and versatile materials for continuous hinges is cold rolled steel. It is also commonly called out as plain steel.  Almost all of the Guden selection is in stock without holes or a finish to be mounted by welding, but holes or slots can be supplied as well as a plated or painted finish to help protect it from the elements. Available from stock in 72", 84" or even 96" lengths, we can also easily customize the length to exactly the size you require.  This particular sighting shows how welding was used for the mounting method, but indeed, maybe they could have had it be just a tad bit more symmetrical IMHO. Check out the entire line of Guden plain steel continuous hinges and use our handy filter to narrow down the list.  Just follow the "Use the Filter" arrow to choose your options for display.

At Guden, We Won't Steer You Wrong

Guden, the Hinge Experts
In fact, with all our knowledge, we'll be sure to point you in the right direction and park you at the optimum solution for your hardware needs.  Check out our brand new Hinge Selection Guide pages to give you all the direction you'll ever need. They'll help you decide which road you want to go down when you're making your choices for hinge styles. Just think of it as your own handy hinge tutorial book.  It's just a small part of all the expert knowledge we have amassed on our site  So buckle up and go for a ride through the land of Hinge!

In Observance of Memorial Day

Guden hinges
We honor our brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free.  Guden will be closed today, Monday 5/30 in observance of Memorial Day.  Our website information is available as well as our sister site,, for information on custom hinges.  We will reopen Tuesday 5/31 at 8:30am est.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Gas Springs

Guden Gas Springs
And the owners of this kiosk certainly would love Guden Gas Springs!  They're still using manual prop rods to hold open their kiosk doors.  How archaic!  With a Guden Gas Spring, their internal pressure can help lift a heavy door, and then support it in it's open position so you never have to worry about manually lifting.  We carry so many sizes and pressures, one is sure to fit your application.  Check out the entire line of Guden Gas Spring products to get a lift in your day.

The Guden Top 5

Guden Customer Service
Competitive prices?  Sure!  Innovative products?  Definitely.  But what really sets Guden apart from the rest are our most important and treasured resources; the five members of the Guden Customer Service Team. Each one offers our customers in-depth hardware knowledge, quick and efficient responses and some of the friendliest and engaging conversations around.  They easily respond to emails and faxes, and also haven't forgotten the personal touches of answering the phone as a person instead of a recorded machine. They're the pride and core of our entire customer service engine and they're dedicated to making your hardware buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Get to know our most important Top Five:  Elyse Levine, Theresa Fogarty, Rosemarie Rosendahl, Helene Ferraro and Karen Kavanagh.  Like me, you'll be glad you did!

Unhinged Primaries

Guden Unhinges
I found some of last weeks headlines particularly interesting, though certainly not for their content.  It seems almost every candidate is getting unhinged!  So that must mean just one thing:  Guden Unhinges!  Just like most of our candidates, they quickly and easily disassemble right before your very eyes, and with a quick twist and turn, come right apart. Their unique design is also spring loaded so after a simple retraction, they can immediately return to their original state.  Available in stainless steel and zinc plated steel, they resist weathering, tarnishing, and even a bit of mud slinging.  Check out our entire line of  Guden Unhinges and you too can get unhinged!

Imagine a World Without A Guden Cover Hinge

Guden Cover Hinge
Before the Guden Cover Hinge, you'd have applications like this one, where you'd have to manually lift up a hinge leaf to rotate it to conceal something, in this case, a parking guide pole in the street.  When you're done accessing whatever is being hidden, you could either leave the hinge leaf where it is, or rotate it up and back out of the way.  Don't forget to weld on a finger ring so you can easily grip the leaf and pull it up. Whew.  Imagine.  Luckily the Guden Cover Hinge came along!  It's a regular moving hinge, so when you lift the leaf by the handy finger tip indent, you can easily access what's underneath the leaf.  And because it's spring loaded, when you release the leaf, it will automatically return to the original position covering and concealing whatever it is you want to hide, and it stays in that position. No need to keep manually moving the leaf back and forth, and no worries that it would just be flapping around. Now THAT'S an innovative Guden product!  Available in both zinc plated steel and stainless steel for a multitude of applications.  Check out the Cover Hinges, and the rest of the Guden Spring Hinge line today!

Who Doesn't Like To Save a Little Money?

Guden custom hinges
Let Guden do the work!  While it is sometimes convenient to pull blank lengths of hinge out of our expansive stock for immediate shipment, you may be spending more money than you have to when doing secondary operations in-house.  We're the hinge experts, and that's what we do best, so let us look at your custom drawing and we can quote your specialty hinge complete to print. We have access to years of hinge manufacturing experience that may end up being an easier and less expensive alternative to doing the work yourself.   And with us doing the work, you can get it shipped to you, open the box, then send it right to your production line. No more in-house hassles or time needed to get the hinge modified.  That's just one of the ways we can help save you time, and most importantly money.  Check out our Custom Hinge site today!

Don't Let This Happen To You!

Guden custom continuous hinges
I'm not quite sure WHAT this person was thinking when they slapped this hinge on here. They obviously did not call Guden to get them exactly the length and size they needed to fill the space for the previous hinge! You can plainly see the indentation for where the hinge goes, and of course all those mounting holes just left there out in the open. Why someone would do this, I really don't know.  Maybe everyone else just walks by this mailbox and doesn't think of anything. But not this Hinge Whisperer!  I immediately told my friends "This person obviously did not go to Guden!".

Guden can make exactly the hinge you need, either from print, or from a sample.  Contact our Customer Service Department for assistance or you can use our one-of-a-kind Custom Hinge Site to help design, build and create the perfect hinge that fits your application.  And avoid your application from being the subject of a "Don't let this happen to you!" post! 

Hinge Mounting Methods 101

Guden Hinge Mounting methods
One quick and easy method for mounting a hinge is to take it as a blank hinge without holes and weld it to your door and chassis.  But be prepared to see the welds!  Most people can do a fairly decent job of welding, then the paint covers over most of the inconsistencies and burn marks, but it's definitely an art form for sure.  You may not want to have this look on a long length of continuous hinge, so you may want to consider having holes drilled, or use a length of hinge with holes already in it. We have a couple pre-finished steel hinges and polished stainless steel already predrilled in 6 foot lengths. And if you prefer butt hinges, you can select a blank hinge to weld on, or a stainless steel one with holes right from our stock.  We can even do the custom drilled holes right to your specification.  So no matter what your preference for mounting, Guden has you covered!

At Guden, We Cut Corners

Guden radius corners and clipped corners
We cut corners, clip corners, and radius corners too!  Some applications require that the hinge doesn't have any sharp corners.  Let Guden quickly and easily take care of that corner by providing your hinge with a clipped corner or a rounded radius corner.  Both options keep your hinge corner less sharp, and can provide a more cosmetic appealing look too.  Check out these, and so many other custom hinge operations available on our Specialty Hinge site

Go For The Gold

Guden Bi Fold Screen Hinges
Why settle for just any old metal, when you can get gold!  Our April 1st special is our double acting Bi-fold door hinge which is available today only in solid 24 Karat gold.  Bright, shining, and completely collectible, it's a must have to impress friends and make you the talk of the town.  And at the fair market price of $1250.00 each, plus a shipping and security handling charge of $100.00)  you can scoop up all that you want, but sorry, limited quantities are available.  Once they're gone, they're gone, but if you'd still like to impress your friends with a quality finish, we have ample quantities of the brass plated version that you can pass off as gold.  No one but you needs to know!

Regretting Yesterday's Bad Purchasing Decision?

Guden Stock Hinges
We all know that next day when you're thinking "Why didn't I make a better choice?" And there are certainly lots of reasons to say that, but hopefully not with your hardware!  With Guden, we strive to make every purchase a pleasant experience.  We aim to satisfy your needs, get you what you want, when you want it, offer you the best price we can and solve your issues quickly and promptly.  Our customer service department is dedicated to providing knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly service and we've done just that for nearly a century now. So stop staring at your empty hardware bins and let Guden get hopping to fill them. With thousands of stock products, you'll be sure to find what you're searching for.

Our Hearts and Thoughts Go Out To Brussels

Sending our best thoughts and wishes to the people of Brussels and all those affected by these senseless acts of violence.  We stand with you against this, and all types of terrorism so that one day we can live in a world free from these hateful acts.

Still Looking for a Custom Hinge?

Guden specialty and custom hinges
Well look no further, because custom and specialty hinges are never a problem at Guden!  We are up to the challenge of supplying your biggest and most ingenious hinge concepts.  When it comes to dreaming up just the perfect hinge for your application, let us help guide you to the optimum solution. We've even created a unique website just for you and your one-of-a-kind hinge needs.  Visit and you'll find it's the perfect place to get all the helpful custom design hints, information, drawings, and everything else you'd ever want to know about specialty hinges. 

Making The Connection

Guden Gas Spring End Connector
In addition to the wide assortment of Guden gas spring sizes and pressures available, we also carry a huge number of end fitting connections and of course the mounting hardware for them too.  With so many choices, which end fitting do you pick?  Well that's a matter of preference for sure.  You can choose from plastic or metal socket ends that pair with threaded ball studs or ball bracket mountings or you can choose metal blade and clevis style ends that can either be bracket mounted or pin mounted into your application.  My personal favorite?   Our EF030 plastic socket end fitting as shown here in today's picture.  It's designated as a "C" at the end of the Guden gas spring part number and it securely pops onto the mounting ball and stays put with it's high tension metal C-clip.  Hence how it got it's "C" end fitting name.   To remove it from the ball, you just need to slide the end of a flat screwdriver, or some other flat metal end, underneath the center of the C clip and pull up gently to release the end fitting.  Check out our assortment of end fittings and mounting hardware and you'll be sure to find just the right connection you're needing.

Spring Ahead

Guden Spring Hinges
Not too long after adding a day to our year, we're now going to cut an hour off our day.  Yup! Tomorrow evening is when we spring ahead and begin Daylight Savings Time again, and for the last few years, it's even a couple of weeks earlier now.  My input is to just get rid of it all together.  It just doesn't seem to really have any affect or have any use anymore.  Thank goodness I can think of at least one usefulness for it.  I can use it as a perfect lead in for a post on Guden Spring Hinges!  Our stock selection of spring hinges is pretty huge. Possibly the biggest around.  We carry a myriad of sizes and spring torsion strengths with most versions available in several material options.  For ease of mounting, we also offer many sizes both with and without holes for mounting. Still not finding a size that works for you,  we can easily customize one to fit exactly what you need.  It's that easy!  So don't lose any time and click to check out our entire selection.  Before you know it, it will be an hour later, and you could have spent it perusing through all the Guden Spring Hinges.  Spring Hinge Ahead!

Pulling Us Forward

Guden flush pull
It's a popular misconception that we have exactly 365 days in a year, but truth be told, it's actually 365.25 days as the planet takes a quarter more of a day to get completely around the sun.  So every four years, we need to pull ourselves forward a day just to stay current with the sun.  It takes pretty much no effort now to do that with the addition of February 29th, with probably just the birthdays on that day being affected the most.  But if you're looking for some added help, try a Guden pull.  We have a large selection of handles and pulls to choose from, including flush pulls.  Flush pulls are perfect to hide inside a panel allowing you to finger grip the pull to either push, pull or slide what it's mounted to rather easily. Just like adding an extra day to the calendar  Check out the entire Guden pull and handle line to find the perfect addition for your year.

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